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What happens when you have 50,000 square feet of ceramic tile to remove in one week and you really can’t have a mess or dust to worry about ? The new tile is going to be here next week and the installers are ready to go. The owner has an almost impossible deadline but doesn’t want to hear the word “can’t”.

Traditional methods of removal already have you thinking about how many workmens comp claims you might have, not to mention the loss of productivity should someone get hurt or the back pains involved in moving 300 tons of debris. The mall is full of tenants and consumers during the day, and they really cannot tolerate fumes or dust.

Well, in order to accomplish this task you’d better be thinking outside the box.

Fischer Builders and Outline Products got together with their engineers and fabricators to radically modify a cold planer, a portable high velocity vacuum system and related scarifiers to remove all the debris and surface prep the substrate- dust free. Wanna see how ?

Call us with you floor removal needs. We can remove up to 2” of solid concrete, ceramic, quarry, or whatever you have in one pass, … dust free, … pain free.

Call us to find out how you can have the Midwest Mauler at your jobsite today.

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